Cricket in england

One of the most popular traditional games in England is cricket . It appeared around the 16th century and by the 18th century was firmly included in the list of national games. For a long time only men played cricket, and the first women’s teams of players appeared only in 1745. The strongest team for 25 years were players from Hampshire who had the best ball kick technique.

Cricket probably got its name from the name of a shepherd’s stick, which used to be used to lock the gates to pasture – it was called cric. Maybe the beat for the game used to look like just such a stick. But the exact origin of the word remains in doubt. Initially, only young peasants played cricket, but gradually the game became widespread. The essence of cricket is quite interesting: it is a non-contact team game. In each of the two teams – 11 participants, they are located on both sides of the field. In the middle of the field is a small playground – pitch. In turn, the teams beat the Cricket ball and try to prevent the opponents from scoring more points. The main goal – with the help of the ball to destroy the gate of the opposing team. There are more than 20 different rules, including a dead ball, a sideball, a lost ball and much more. A complete list of rules is at least 20 pages in small print. Therefore, before starting a serious game, you will have to work hard and understand all the intricacies of cricket.

Cricket in england

The abundance of subtleties often leads to the fact that cricket matches are delayed for several days. That is why loyal fans never come to the competition with empty hands – they stock up on food and drinks. In this case, the match can easily end in a draw, which is usually very upsetting fans. For beginners who are watching the game for the first time, it may seem very boring, because there are no dynamic moments in it. But devoted British people appreciate this sport very much.

Among the most famous cricketers are William Gilbert Grace, Don Bradman, Sachin Tendulkar and others. Given the fact that the game is spreading around the world, new names will probably be heard soon.

It is interesting that within the framework of the Olympics cricket competition was held only once, and even then more than a hundred years ago. There is another curious fact – cricket is popular in many countries (Kenya, Australia, India and even occurs in Russia), especially among wealthy businessmen. They even have a tradition to discuss their business issues while watching the game, cricket in this case acts as a kind of background for negotiations.

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