Modern Eyelashes: A Complete Guide

In modern times, “false eyelashes” have already taken a place in makeup projects, and are very important tools for eye-catching effects. More and more fans of false eyelashes are pursuing the style of “naturally like natural eyelashes”, so the natural false eyelashes are also increasing. The natural false eyelashes have the effect of magnifying the eyes, and there is no obvious foreign body sensation, and it is easy to have the eyes of the gods.

However, the types and brands of false eyelashes on the market are so dazzling. How do you choose a product that suits you and creates the atmosphere you want? Next, we will introduce the main points of attention when selecting natural eyelashes, and select 6 popular items from many products on the market, and recommend them to you in the rankings. Once you are used to wearing false eyelashes, it is not only easier to create a natural makeup than mascara, but also makes your eyes more attractive, so let’s watch them together! Always buy original Eyelash Tweezers for your precious beauty.

Benefits of using false eyelashes

Many people may have been able to wear false eyelashes easily, while others are preparing to take the first step. Here let us briefly explain to beginners the benefits of using false eyelashes.

・It’s basically a disposable product that has been used, but if it is used properly, it can be reused more economically than mascara.

・After adjusting the length according to your own eyelids, you don’t need to maintain it.

・It is not difficult to wear false eyelashes after practicing and grasping the cockroaches.

・You can choose the right type depending on the makeup and the place to go.

“It seems difficult to wear false eyelashes…” Many people may have this impression, but as long as they are used to wearing them, wearing false eyelashes is even faster and easier than painting eye makeup! Recently, many natural false eyelashes have been introduced on the market. As long as you get started with practice, you can quickly and easily use fake eyelashes to add extra points to your makeup!

Essentials of natural false eyelashes

First of all, how to choose a product that does not give you a feeling of wearing “false eyelashes” is the most important issue for beginners. Next, we will introduce the main points of choosing natural false eyelashes with the theme of natural makeup.

Choose false eyelashes with sparse and uneven length

Choose a type that is soft and has a sparse hair bundle that is close to the natural texture of your own eyelashes. In addition, it is recommended to select false eyelashes with fine hairs at the ends of the eyelashes, which have a small amount of hair and a small length. This style can be very close to your own eyelashes.

Choose a product with a clear stem or a thin cotton thread

In order to make the false eyelashes look more natural, it is recommended to use false eyelashes with transparent stems. When you need to apply eyeliner and eye makeup, please choose a soft and fine wire stem. The adhesive portion of the stalk becomes less noticeable and looks more natural when attached to the eyelids.

If the stem is too thick and too hard, it will be too conspicuous after sticking, and it has a considerable sense of presence, which easily affects the overall makeup, which is obviously the feeling of “wearing false eyelashes”. However, if you are a single eyelid, you can use the false or non-transparent false eyelashes to create a double eyelid effect

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