Save your teeth until it is salvageable!

The periodontal disease is preventable with thorough and careful dental care.

In the opinion of the dentists / periodontists, the dental bed diseases with thorough and careful dental care are mostly preventable. The dental disease can be caused by genetic causes (the unhealthy load on the teeth and gums, which can be reduced to the shape of the jaw and the bumpy chewing with irregular teeth), concomitant diseases (diabetes, metabolic disorders, stomach and liver diseases, immunodeficiency), hormone change, unhealthy eating habits (irregular, high in carbohydrate diets) can be swelled up.

Lack of thorough chewing (consumption of soft food), badly replaced teeth (badly stuck crowns) or poorly standing fillings (dropped or “high”) often contribute to the appearance and spread of the bacteria. Certain medications (such as the calcium channel blockers taken by cardiac patients and the medicines used to treat epilepsy) can cause gingivitis.

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